Monday, August 01, 2011

Thursday Can't Come Soon Enough...

Because I'll finally be able to see my husband after being apart for so long!

This is the scene I look at every time I cook, wash dishes, prepare my or Aidan's dinner, do pretty much anything in the kitchen. The word RANGER along with the plastic soldiers is a mental reminder to pray for my husband as he continuously battles day in and day out, hour after hour, to complete this training course to get a Ranger tab.

It was a volunteer course; one Eric did not have to do. It's not exactly something you eagerly sign up for. It is at least two months of hardcore training, sleepless nights, little food, physical and mental challenges that you can't even dream of. To complete Ranger School and get that Ranger tab is an honor. It's an honor Eric has wanted for an extremely long time.

Ranger School is split up into 3 phases- two take place in Georgia and are comparative to a desert and then mountain phase. The third is in the swamps of Florida. Little to no sleep is gotten each night, and the men are continuously battling the temptation to just give up and drop. If a soldier does not complete the phase to his instructor's expectations, he must do it again. And again. And again. Some men are there for months just trying to complete.

Eric has determination. He has drive. He has strength and focus. So do so many other good soldiers we know that weren't able to pass each phase the first time through. And yet, those little Ranger soldiers were a reminder to pray that Eric would keep going and push through every step of the way. I had faith that with God's goodness, Eric would pass through and be home with us as soon as he possibly could.

Praise the Lord, I can take down those little soldiers because I am driving to Georgia on Thursday to see my husband and attend his graduation on Friday. During the ceremony, I get to walk up to him and pin on his tab that he worked so hard for and totally deserves. It's been a long two months, but my man is coming home :)

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