Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watch Out, World!

Yes, it is true- our son is officially dangerous!

He has been trying to walk the past two weeks or so, but no cigar. However, within the past two days he has been on fire. I have noticed that if he spies something or is really on a mission to get somewhere, he crawls. Walking, however, seems to be quite fun in his mind. In mine, well, let's just say I panic every time because he sways a bit too much for my comfort.

I caught this tonight while he was playing before going to bed, but it is a rather short trip for his normal walks. He has walked the length of the kitchen before spying something and dropping to his tush to get there faster. Today the toy of choice was one of my spatulas, if anyone is interested :)

When he sees the camera, walking is no longer foremost on his mind. I will continue to try and get a longer trip out of him though so you can all see just how big my little man is getting!

1 comment:

  1. How cute!!! I love his squeaky squeals when he sees the camera!!! Such a cutie!!!
    - Jess Mott