Sunday, August 21, 2011

Canada, Eh?

After eating and sleeping lots upon his return from Ranger school, I quickly learned what my husband really really wanted: a cruise sans baby. We have missed every anniversary since being married, and have been apart almost as much as together this past year. With a baby added into the mix, we have sorely missed some husband wife lovin time. And so that is what we did. Within days of planning, we had booked a cruise, dropped the munchkin off in Philadelphia, and boarded a pretty big ship to head north.

It was a truly amazing time. I don't think we knew just how much we had missed one another. I have been blessed with truly one of the best guys out there, and this past week was such a reminder to me. My joy and love for Eric has grown more and more since we've been married, and this cruise has only served to deepen my relationship with him. Forgive the deluge of pictures, but here are a few favorites. I'm sure more will be on facebook soon.

We were excited to say goodbye to noisy New York City...

And hello to breakfast with a view.

There were lots of fun times on board- playing pingpong, sleeping late, listening to comedians late into the night, having your choice of musicians in various rooms, dancing at 1 am, eating every hour on the hour, going down the (freezing cold!) waterslide, watching for dolphins and whales, on and on. We even played bingo and won! Thanks to my lucky hubby :)

We explored two cities in Canada, and greatly enjoyed them. We walked all around the towns exploring the architecture, history, food and beer of the place. We left each place quite satisfied :)

It really was an amazing time on and off the ship. It was much needed for Eric and I, and a memory that won't soon be forgotten. And of course we're already wishing we could do another one, like, tomorrow!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we didn't have ALL fun times on our vacation. There were some serious thinking moments :)

Aidan seemed to have a good time too. He even learned how to write and leave us a message upon our return! Thankfully, he came home sooner than his Poppi's original plans.

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  1. Haha so funny. Glad you guys had some much needed alone time!