Friday, August 12, 2011

A True Classic

Nifty Fifties. A place that will always be near and dear to our hearts, and make us always walk out regretting whatever we just ate. And yet, Eric and I continually go back every chance we get.

Once Eric finished Ranger School and knew we would be heading up to Philly, he knew we needed another Fifties vist, baby in tow. I mean, come on, why not introduce Aidan to one of the greatest, nosiest, greasiest places in the world? No, he did not have a milkshake. He can have one when he's older. A lot older.

Aidan was a bit unsure of all the hype this restaraut was bringing, but he soon found out just how great this place is.

A very happy and full family of fatties.


  1. i think i remember them having baby food at the counter there. did you go to the one off of the blvd. or in bensalem?

  2. love 50's!!! Thank you Ruff Family for introducing it to me!!!!!