Sunday, July 24, 2011

Behold! A New Post!

Yes, I am in fact alive. Thank you all for being so concerned ;)

Forgive me for being remiss in keeping this blog updated; last week our church had VBS and I was busy keeping track of 6th graders. Not an easy feat, I assure you. It was a week of fun, laughter, frustration, awareness, and all around gratitude for the opportunity to participate. A post will come later once I upload pictures and whatnot.

In the meantime, Aidan and I have been keeping busy making a mess of our house, trying to stay cool,learning what does and does not belong in our mouths, and discovering all the fun ways tupperware can entertain us for hours on end. There are a lot of ways, I promise!

While I go join my son in the tupperware fun and moan about the mess I have to clean up tonight, I leave with some photos sure to bring a smile on your face.

Oh, and an update on Eric: He remains in Florida, and I have heard nothing from him since arriving there. The humidity is high, and I'm thinking spirits are low as they have been at this craziness for quite awhile now. Prayers are again appreciated, and letters too! I will hopefully be hearing from him the on the 1st for news of pass or fail so that Aidan and I can head down south to see that handsome husband of mine. It's been far too long. Please continue to pray for me as I work to stay strong for this family, continually reminding Aidan of his papa and how much he is loved.

And now, for some joy:

Aidan stayed in the nursery during VBS, and while all other kids played and yelled and screamed bloody murder, my son found a little time to take a nap :)

We're attempting to learn the use of silverware. So far, I think the consensus is that hands are much more useful at putting foods in or around our mouths. It may be hard to believe, but most of the food did in fact end up in Aidan's mouth!

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  1. Laura, Mike & I will be praying for you, Eric & Aidan. What is Eric in florida for? Hoping all is well otherwise, and you have a good support system in NC. Praying for good friends to surround you and love on you & Aidan!