Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I Consider Her Blessed

It has been a long nine and a half months, and we have been remiss in not including our dear friends and family in this beautiful path we have been set upon. our small family of two was joined by one of the sweetest, most precious little boys anyone could ever imagine. Aidan has made such an impact on us, I can't imagine life without him.

I pray that with the beginning of this blog, our loved ones can be included in some of the most memorable times of our lives. we may be far apart by distance, but our hearts and prayers are much closer than you may think.

Regardless of the sleepless nights, the frustrating days, the ringing ears, and even the seemingly unending and oh so generous gifts of poop, pee and drool, i find myself one of the most blessed mothers on Earth. Here are just a few reasons I love being Aidan's Mama- for some of you, you may be able to smile and know exactly what I'm talking about:

When I say no, Aidan gives me the most innocent, sweet smile he can muster, melting my heart and resolve.
Upon greeting someone in the store, he emits the highest pitch squeal and brightest smile possible.
Raising one eyebrow will forever bring a smile to my face, and nervousness for teenagedom.
Eating includes becoming squirrel like- so much so that upon smiling at me, some of that hoarded food has no where to go but back out.
My little boy doesn't just sleep- he does it all out by flaying arms and legs as thought reaching for the stars.
Before he could successfully crawl, he traveled by "army crawl." Every once in awhile he reverts back to it for old times sake.
The passi is spit out as soon as food or drink is presented to him.
No matter what, his eyes light up and his smile brightens as though I was the greatest person in the room. No matter wat I do, I know I'll always have one fan.
His hair is so fine it sticks out every which way, mad scientist style.
He is fearless- no matter how hard he falls, he gets back up and continues exploring.
What food group does toilet paper fall under? It is definitely Aidan's new favorite food.
When done eating or drinking, Aidan smacks his lips and waits for me to laugh. Without fail, we both know it will happen.
We have regular dance parties, usually started by him.

The list can go on and on: My days are ever brighter and better because of this little boy. I consider myself extremely blessed with two amazing men in my life, and due to one being away right now I look to my baby as the current man in my life. The days I have on this earth are numbered; I pray that I live them all to the fullest and brightest. As I live them, I love the opportunity that I have been given to be Aidan's mother, and I look forward to loving and cherishing him more and more.

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  1. Great way for me to keep up with the little Scrunch. Thanks for starting this!