Friday, December 30, 2011

2012? Oh, we live there!!

Who knew we would ever reach the year two thousand and twelve? It's hard enough to believe this little family survived 2011...maybe we'll just sleep the entire next year to make up for everything that's happened.

Things like Papa being gone for three freaking months to Ranger School, kicking butt as always.

Things like having a little boy running around trying to taste and tear apart and throw everything not nailed into the ground.

Things like taking command of a troop and FRG with no prior training.

Things like...the list can go on and on.

Seriously, though, this past year has been terrifyingly awesome. (I think I can add the word awesome into that phrase because I am now looking back on all that's happened.) It has been a year that has thrown us for more loops than we could have imagined, given us more hurdles and mountains that seemed way too high, and caused us quite a few opportunities to cry and wish this all on someone else- ok, that may have just been me.

I must say that looking back, I have learned more things I wish I had done differently but do not regret one minute of it. As a family and as individuals we were tested and grew as a result. I praise God that it is over, and (not so) anxiously wait to see what he has in store for us next year.

Eric, Aidan and I have been doing splendidly this past month. Since our change of command (out of leadership) mid December, we have taken the opportunity to relish not fearing a phone call demanding Papa to go into work as well as just relax and rest with one another. That time has been sorely missed these past three months of command. Christmas was wonderful; we've had two already, and a third to celebrate this coming weekend. Gosh do I love December. Birthdays and many Christmas celebrations!! Aidan is our official present unwrapper; he also attempts to be the official wrapping paper dispenser as well. Yuck. I look forward to the day when "no" literally means "no" to him.

Attached is our Christmas letter that we mailed out amidst the chaos of life. It's an extremely brief summary of our year- if I was to tell you all about it, we'd be here till 2013. At least.

2011 was a year that had many ups and downs, highs and lows. I look forward to seeing what more 2012 has to offer.

Happy New Year everyone! Oh, and rather than just looking forward to next year, I recommend looking back on this past year. Have you grown? Did you learn something? Are you thankful for something or better yet someone? What changed? Every year brings about some kind of change or difference. Don't forget where you were so as not to forget who you truly have become.

On a serious note, though, does anyone know how to convince your child not to eat or pull apart or throw anything and everything??

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