Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grumpypants to Gratefulpants

The past few weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving weekend was quite a trial for me.

I had chosen to be closed minded and place my focus solely on the negative aspects in life. On top of that, I got so down and frustrated with the world's choice to mostly ignore and forget about Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. The only positive thing about Thanksgiving seemed to be the extra days off of work, the fantastic food, the great shopping deals. The meaning of the holiday seemed forgotten. Obscure.

Eric and I have followed a tradition begun by his parents; prior to Thanksgiving breakfast, each of us at the table present five items we are thankful for. Normally I spend the days before the meal thinking of what I am thankful for- sure, I was thankful for the children the Lord has blessed us with, an amazing and supportive husband- but what else? Why can't I see what else the Lord has blessed me with?

By the time family arrived and I had begun preparing breakfast for the next day, I finally started to recognize what my heart refused to see. I allowed everything seemingly going wrong in my world- being so sick with this pregnancy, struggling to handle Aidan's sudden surge of energy and stubbornness, depression at Thanksgiving being demoted, wishing for more time with my ever busy husband, etc. Once I recognized and submitted my failure to see God rather than the world, I suddenly saw just how much my family and I have been blessed.

Praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy; praise the Lord for loving someone as misguided and unfocused as me.

To sum everything up, the food was quite yummy, the family time unforgettable, the shopping good, and the time to be reminded of just how good my God is was priceless.

Oh, and of course a few pictures. Of course, I was too busy, sick or exhausted to do much as this growing baby is taking up just about all of my energy and health, so my mom was good enough to take some pictures. Here are just a few:

A tasty view of a Thanksgiving dinner plate at the Southern Ruff house

Our sleepy, full and quite content little family

What woman couldn't be thankful for what she has so clearly been blessed with?


Yep, I've definitely got my thankful pants on.

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