Friday, September 16, 2011

One Year!!

As of 8:24 this morning, my baby turned one year old.

Say WHaaaaaaat????

Where in the world has this past year gone?

It has been ahhhmazing to say the least. This little boy has wedged his way so deep into our hearts. He is so precious to us and a never ending source for laughter and joy. Some frustration and ringing ears too, but of course we dont talk about that :)

Along the way, Eric and I have learned some life lessons that Aidan has so graciously taught us. A few of them are:

It is very possible to have poop the colors of the rainbow.

It doesn't matter what it is, it can (and will) go into "the ole piehole."

A baby can be stronger than you. (Have you seen the preview for that tv show "Up All Night" ? Every time we see previews of it, we say "hey! That is so true!")

Unrolling toilet paper is fun. Rerolling it is not.

Dropping plates on the floor is not cool. And they are always drooped at the quietest time in the restaraunt so they are heard EVERYWHERE.

No matter where you are, there is always time to add a new toy to the collection.

Baby sizes are not actually for the actual age baby is. (For example- Aidan is currently in 24 month clothing. So not 24 months old.)

House cleaning can in fact be done in less than an hour...during nap time.

Electronics are the most fun toys to throw across the room.

Joy and love grows continually, and never fades no matter how frustrating the situation.

Aidan, you truly are one of the best things to ever happen in our life. It is impossible to imagine life without you. You have filled a void we never knew we had, and continually praise God for blessing us with what we did not know we needed.

From birth to a year old to the day I die, I will always be thankful for you.

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