Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Weekend

This past weekend was a flurry of activity, especially since it was Eric's last weekend before he went away for a few weeks. There was much relaxing around the house, many errands to be run, and even some work to be completed on Eric's part, but more than anything we did our best to make memories to last for the next while.

First and foremost, we celebrated my mom's birthday. Happy birthday Mom! We weren't able to be with her as my parents live a few states north of us, but our hearts were with her and that is what mattered most. She is quite a looker at the ripe young age of 40. Not too shabby ;)

A number of memories made this weekend included Chubbs' first haircut. He had had the back chopped by Eric this past Thanksgiving (I had not had the strength to do the deed) but the front, sides and back were definitely in need of a trim. Prior to getting this done on Saturday, we spent Friday in Raleigh at Pullen Park and wandering the mall, finishing our day with a treat at the Cheesecake Factory. Mmmmmm :)

&We had some fun at the park riding the carousel, the train, climbing the play set to slide down the slide as fast as possible, and running around wearing us all out. We arrived home around 8:30 pm more than ready for bed.

Prior to getting our hair cut on Saturday, we had to work out with Papa. Lifting 300 pounds isnt as easy as it looks:

Aidan sat in Papa's lap during the haircut and truly impressed us all. He was very curious as to what was going on, but sat as still as possible while the nice lady cut off those long hairs. The woman who cut Aidan's hair also cuts mine, so she has heard many stories about my "wild child." Uhhhhhh, yeah, she is never going to believe any story I ever tell her again. I was nervous going into the salon, I will admit, but walking out I was more focused on wondering where my real child wild, precocious, crazy and wonderful son that never ceases to wear me out.

And of course, we must post Easter details. We stayed here in Fayetteville, attending our church and being blessed by a wonderful sermon reminding us how glorious and generous our God is once accepting us into his arms. The requirements for becoming a child of God is simple and yet demanding...the prize all too worth it in the end. After returning home and spending a few hours cleaning and cooking, we had a number of good friends joining us for dinner. One of the families has two little girls Aidan regularly plays with, so the kids had quite a good time as did the adults. It is such a blessing and constant reminder of God's grace as we surround ourselves with such good friends, with lots of fun, laughter and good times. Here are a few pictures of the fam; some of the little man prior to leaving for the service, then a few taken after church:

Side note: Yes, our son is wearing sandals with his suit (the suit in which Papa picked out himself). I had dress shoes for him, but they happened to disappear the morning he had to be dressed. Needless to say, we had a panic attack tearing the house trying to find them but were unsuccessful. Sandals were my next best option. If I find those stinkin shoes sometime soon, I will be rather upset. In fact, I dont want to see them for quite awhile. Anyway, back to the pictures:

Easter was a holiday weekend that I don't think will be forgotten too soon. It is sad that we must say goodbye to Eric for awhile, but we are awash with numerous memories and the refreshing reminder that our Lord is alive and ever present in our lives. Blessed are we!

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  1. Laura, Wonderful pictures and I love the updates. I finally got the notice when you updated. dad's a genuis and set it up.
    Hope to talk to you soon! By the way you typed in the wrong age for me. You're 20 years off. Need to fix that!