Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bath Night

I really do not enjoy bath nights.

In my mind, it is a necessary evil.

Aidan is such a joy during bath time- he loves it, and has so much fun. He loves to splash, play with his toys, dunk his head and help get all the soap off of himself.

There's a small problem, though- I. AM. PREGNANT. Once getting down, I don't get up very easily. Bend over? It's just impossible. Lean over the tub? Um, hello, small mound of joy in the way. So how do I do it?

I just do it. And I give Aidan an incentive which guarantees we have bath night: he gets messy food, and is free to play with it. Isn't that just awful of me?

I have to admit, watching Aidan play with his food is so entertaining. At the same time, though, I never fail to cringe as I see my son run his sauce covered hand through his hair, rubs food down his chest or legs, slap his hand on the plate. I never fear to dread the moment he gets out of his chair and runs to touch everything. For the most part, I can clean him up pretty well and rush him straight to my arch nemesis, the tub.

Without the added incentive of a messy little boy, I truly don't know how often we would have bath time in our house. Before I got so big, I loved bath time with Aidan, and look forward to enjoying it with him again. Whenever Eric gives Aidan a bath, I listen with some envy as he leans over and plays with our laughing, giggling boy.

Moral of the story: need to bathe your kid but can't get yourself to do it? Let him have fun with his dinner and trust me, you'll care about how dirty he suddenly is. Plus, you'll get some fun out of watching him play with dinner. Trust me, it's fail proof.

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  1. Good suggestion! Plus he looks so darn cute messy :)