Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ranger I Am Not

...We all discovered the truth of that statement this past weekend...

In honor of the cool weather, the changing leaves, a long holiday weekend, and time well spent with good friends, we went to a nearby family farm. This farm hosted corn mazes, a hard to believe HUGE sandbox, barrel rides, slides, a petting zoo, a pillow bounce,much more, and of course, Daddy's favorite, a DQ concession stand :) We had woken up that morning freezing (don't knock till you live in near 100% humidity most of the year then go to fifty degree weather!) so we dressed in sweats and packed gloves, hats, blankets, and anything else we could possibly need in case it got colder. Instead, it got hotter. So imagine this family out in the boonies, wearing sweatshirts, long pants, sweat dripping down their faces because it was so stinkin hot. Have that picture in your mind? Yeah, that was us.

We had a blast, regardless. Aidan of course saw the train first and tried to squeeze through the fence to get to it. We finally convinced him we had to pay first and would see it later. Once we paid, he saw the GIANT bounce pillow. Then slides. Then the sandbox. Then food. Then a swing. I promise, our kid doesn't have ADD. He just gets uber excited about everything he sees. And I do mean everything.

The kids covered themselves in sand, tried to dig to China (or at least, the dads did), slid down the slides, threw hay at each other during the hay ride (or maybe that was the parents who did that...) and generally exhausted each other out. But we haven't even done the corn maze yet! Let me tell you, doing that last was a mistake. As was my comment to which all agreed, "Go big or go home." We had the option of doing the toddler maze (which was a bit daunting in and of itself) or the adult maze which was shaped like a train and consisting of three different sections with five different entrances. So we approached with confidence, and are lucky we came out at all.

Somehow I ended up in the lead. No, Dad, I didn't plan it that way. Yes, Dad, I had a map. Yes, Dad, I got lost. Miserably. I got us to our first point (there were twelve to find) and continued to lead us. In circles. I got so confused I handed the map over to Eric and forced him to lead on. So he led us in wider circles, until with the help of some others, he discovered where we were on the map and took us to every point we needed to find. Thats my ranger!

During our trek we had five exhausted children and two seats in a stroller that could hardly make it through due to the soft ground. Props to Jon for manhandling that thing into submission! I carried Connor, Ashley carried Kelly, and Aidan, Molly and Riley were forced to switch off and on with walking and riding. You knew when Aidan was in the stroller because it took Jon a bit more effort to keep up... :) I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when we hit the exit. And no, we didn't finish. It just wasn't worth it to all of us. Well, most of us.

All in all, it was an awesome day to celebrate family, friends and fall. We all came home exhausted and more than ready for bed. Recovered from our trip, I am planning our next escapade. Stay tuned :)

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